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Acta De Matrimonio Para Llenar 40.pdf rafyreny




Acta De Matrimonio Para Llenar 40.pdf.Effects of retinoic acid on immunoregulation in mouse thymocytes. In this study, we examined the effects of all-trans retinoic acid (RA) on the immunoregulation in the mouse thymus. Intraperitoneal injection of RA was found to exert an immunoenhancing effect on mouse thymocytes, which was manifested by an enhanced proliferative response to mitogen and by an increase in the generation of thymocytes capable of inducing MHC class I restricted anti-TCR alpha beta T cell receptor (TCR) positive thymocytes. Furthermore, RA was able to influence both thymocyte positive and negative selection in vivo. Although, when assessed under experimental conditions, these results were not significantly different from the effects of other reported "immunoenhancers", they nonetheless demonstrate the potential applicability of these agents for the enhancement of T-cell based immunotherapy.This invention relates generally to apparatus for utilizing concentrated solar power generated by a solar collector and, more particularly, to an apparatus for varying the concentration of solar radiation on a receiver of concentrated solar power. Large scale energy generation systems using concentrated solar power have been under development for many years. Several concepts have been demonstrated in the laboratory but such systems have not yet been installed. A system of this type includes a solar collector or array having many photovoltaic cells, typically silicon, which are normally electrically connected in series to provide an output voltage for an array of this type. A heat source or receiver is connected to the solar collector and converts the energy from the solar radiation impinging upon the collector to energy usable by the load connected to the receiver. The solar energy is the concentrated by optics within the solar collector, and is generally focused on a receiver. Typically, the receiver is a parabolic cylinder concentrator which, when properly focused, provides a high degree of thermal concentration on the receiver. The receiver may be, for example, a vertical tube that has a maximum thickness of about one inch. In such a system, the output from the collector may be several thousand volts. This voltage must be reduced to a useable value for the energy in the receiver, which may be only a few watts. Furthermore, this voltage must be isolated from the high voltage output of the collector. The proper reduction of the voltage from the collector to the receiver is difficult to achieve, especially when the output is of the order of 1000




Acta De Matrimonio Para Llenar 40.pdf rafyreny

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