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Who We Are

 “Live in Nature” an evolving social movement and platform that is underpinned by the formation of a diverse community creators, from all walks of life - whether tourists, children, students, naturalists, researchers, teachers, the state, explorers, nature/wildlife filmmakers, photographers, writers, on the ground conservation personal, localised community conservation groups, NGO’s and artisans. 

The aim of which is to harness the power of the collective, through collaboration - while paying careful attention to mediating between the local and the global. The larger goal being collaborative content production amongst this diverse community in order to create, share and listen meaningfully to stories of “Life in Nature”. 

What We Do

  • Create and promote Conservation films and Wildlife Documentaries

  • Organise Workshops and Exploration programmes on research and sustainable conservation of Wildlife and our rich Biodiversity.

  • Creating documentaries, featuring experienced wildlife photographers and film-makers to share their Stories of exploring natural habitat to inspire the future generations.

  • Organise Seminars and Webinars on Potential Conservation efforts among Youth population.

  • Screening of Conservation films and Wildlife documentaries.

  • Collaborate with Nature Conservation organisations and involve volunteers in various programmes.

  • Fundraise to spread awareness and to support conservation and disaster management .